It's Time To Rewrite Your Story

Too often, separation and divorce leaves people feeling broken, lost, rejected, alone, and as if they have “failed”. But, no matter how devastated you are by the loss of love, your overwhelming feelings are not fundamentally who you are, and should not dictate the course of your future.

Based on the ground-breaking work of Marriage and Family Therapist, Katherine Woodward Thomas, and her New York Times Bestseller, Conscious Uncoupling: 5 Steps to Living Happily Even After, this program will help you find relief from breakup pain, reclaim your personal power and create your "happily even after" life.

With the support of your Conscious Uncoupling Coach, Kerrie Womersley, you will have access to transformative practices, learnings and tools that will help you navigate through the pain of your breakup in a way that is healing, honorable, and surprisingly enlightening.

A beautiful life is waiting for you on the other side of grief. If you commit yourself to the Conscious Uncoupling process, you will open up new possibilities, fresh new horizons, friends and interests - and new opportunities for love.

(Available internationally via Skype)


Kerrie was like a bright light in my life where there was only darkness and negativity.

I was at my lowest point, and talking to Kerrie made me feel I can have a life after divorce. She listened and encouraged me every step of the way, gently guiding me back on track.

Kerrie opened my eyes to believe I have to love myself and discover who I really am, not just as a wife and a mother. She helped me find value in myself, after years of trying to please everyone else.

She helped me to see myself not as a victim, but as a co-creator in my marriage.

I love my coach Kerrie!! She opened my eyes with Conscious Uncoupling. - Majella K.


Throughout such a painful, traumatic process, I was always safe in my vulnerable state with Kerrie.

Speaking on Skype for the first time to a stranger in Australia seemed bizarre, but it works! I was able to reach a great source of strength and support within me from my own home.

From the very first instance, Kerrie was so warm and pleasant. She answered all my questions about the process clearly. She was very easy to trust, therefore making me feel supported.

She’s got so many super qualities as a coach.

Absolutely, I’d recommend her! - Joyce R.