Qigong is a great way to clear tension from the mind and body, transform negative emotions into positive ones, and harness your inner power.

A branch of Traditional Chinese Medicine, this 5000-year-old art was developed by observing the way energy moves in Nature. Through gentle flowing movements, mindful breathing, and tuning into the energy inside and all around you, Qigong brings about a blissful sense of calm and teaches you to flow with life’s ups and downs.

Join a Qigong class and be guided through a relaxing and energising sequence that will help you feel more connected to the Universe, as you access the depths of your innate wisdom, and discover more of who you really are.

(Available only in Cairns, Australia.)

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If you would like to lean on someone who understands how emotionally-complicated relationship endings are, especially for sensitive souls, then my Conscious Uncoupling Coaching package will be the answer to your prayers.

This unique program, created by Marriage and Family Therapist, Katherine Woodward Thomas, will lead you step-by-step toward a more compassionate parting from your former partner, for the sake of all involved, especially any children. 

Together, we will uncover the spiritual growth lessons of your divorce or break up, enabling you to navigate your way through this most difficult chapter in your life as gracefully as possible.  Along the way, you will find your “inner compass”, as you access deeper levels of healing, self-awareness and resourcefulness.

(Available internationally via Skype)

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If you feel “stuck” in any area of your life, EFT or “Tapping” is a simple and very effective way to let go of blocked energy related to old wounds or traumas (conscious or unconscious), which may be preventing you from moving forward. 

This scientifically-proven energy therapy can quickly and gently release energy blockages related to any issue you are facing, helping to clear away associated negative thoughts, emotions and behaviours, so that you can change your life for the better.

During our session together, I will help you clarify and release exactly what is holding you back, and show you how to continue using EFT on your own between sessions for even greater transformation.

(Available internationally via Skype)

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