Goodbye to Regret

Regret is one of the most painful emotions there is, and one of the most fruitless. Wishing you could go back in time and change an action or decision that was made in the past is a waste of your ‘present moment’ energy. It blocks the flow of your precious life-force.

As humans, we are constantly challenged by the ‘ego mind’. Nothing else in Nature has the ego mind to contend with. Nothing else in Nature experiences regret. It makes no sense to think of a tree regretting shedding its leaves too early or too late, or a bird regretting letting its song out, or keeping it suppressed for too long.

Life, by its very definition, is about ‘growing’ and ‘thriving’. This growth comes about as a direct result of our choices, decisions and actions. There are no ‘mistakes’ in Nature. And, as we are Nature too, perhaps it’s time to eliminate the word ‘mistake’ from our vocabulary, and consider everything a growth experience.

The energy that animates all of life (whether we call it Qi, Prana, Source or Love) is meant to flow ‘through’ us, including our emotions (which are simply ‘energy in motion’). It’s when the ego mind jumps in and judges something as ‘bad’, and when we keep our ‘negative’ emotions locked up in a vault inside us, that the flow of life-force energy in our body gets distorted or blocked. Over time, this can manifest as chronic stress, anxiety, depression, and all manner of physical ailments.

Our most painful emotions point to the places in our soul that still need healing, our deepest wounds. Rather than wasting ‘present moment’ energy holding on to the stories of our past, if we truly want to be free, we need to let go of the hold that regrets have on us.

The most direct and powerful way of doing this is through energy healing practices like Qigong (which translates to “energy work”) and Emotional Freedom Techniques/Tapping. These are self-healing tools anyone can learn to remove blockages and increase the flow of life-force energy through their own body.

In Qigong, ‘negative’ emotions are viewed as ‘compost’ for the beautiful new life you are creating. Depression and sadness are transformed into inspiration and courage, and fear becomes the fertiliser from which peace and tranquility can blossom.

When you shift your perception to seeing your painful feelings as nothing more than ‘stuck energy’ and learn some simple exercises to let that old energy go, rather than spending years analysing the ‘what ifs?’ and ‘whys?’ of your past, you free yourself on the deepest level.

From this place of true liberation, it becomes easy to forgive oneself and others. It becomes natural to feel a deep sense of gratitude for who you’ve become because of, not in spite of, your past experiences.

And that’s when you know you’ve moved on.