Dream a New Dream

Every day, with every thought we think, and every emotion and belief we hold on to, we are creating the future reality of our living experience. 

It’s not only what enlightened masters have been saying for centuries, it is energetic law, now proven by quantum physics.  It’s happening for everyone, whether they know it or not.

So, if life is going well for you, the simple act of savouring how good that feels and counting your blessings every day will help to keep high vibrational energy flowing through your system.

On the other hand, if there are aspects of your life which feel heavy, and you keep dwelling on those, you will unconsciously create more of the same type of experiences - unless you do something to change the quality of your energy (or Qi). 

Being more aware of your thoughts and where you focus your attention is a great place to start. Making new choices, no matter how small, always leads to new consequences and a different flavour of energy. However, quite often, the improvement to our overall sense of well-being only lasts until the next big obstacle comes along.

That’s where Qigong comes in.

Translated from Chinese, ‘Qi Gong’ literally means ‘energy cultivation’.  It is an ancient practice of mindful movement and breathwork, steeped in the traditions of Taoism, Buddhism and Traditional Chinese Medicine.

In the practice of Qigong, elevating our energy to a higher vibration requires little more than the intention to do so. 

Through Qigong, we can let go of the stale, stuck and stagnant energies that have been holding us back.  We can shift out of the heavy energies of worrying, negative self-talk and complaining. We can rise above the compulsion to pull on other people’s energy to make us feel better, or to numb our painful feelings in other unhealthy ways.

When Qi is flowing, it helps to release emotional trauma from our cells and transform rigid thought patterns and limiting beliefs into more life-affirming energies.

Through Qigong, we find our power, our strength, and our true north.

Qi is the life force energy that moves through all of Nature. It is the unseen, orchestrating intelligence that beats our hearts and grows our finger nails. It is the infinite potential and unlimited abundance that exists both within us and all around us…available to be drawn upon for healing and inspiration.

The practice of Qigong meets us where we are and guides us in the direction of where we want to go….but there is no ‘right’ way to get there, no single well-trodden path to follow, and no finish line. Rather, as we surrender to Qi, as we step into the current of “aliveness”, we find our own way along the evolutionary spiral that is unique to our soul.

Qigong is a celebration of individualism and being your natural self.

It puts you back in touch with the freedom to BE YOU that is your birthright, and invites you to align your outer life with who you are at your core. It welcomes you to create and un-create, to expand and transform yourself, your thoughts and feelings, and your life, in whatever way you choose.

It gives you the power to dream a new dream.