Choose Your Way to Wellness.


Whether you're feeling emotionally overwhelmed by life, longing for a breakthrough, or searching for deeper meaning and purpose, you’re in the ‘perfect place’ to discover more of who you are.

Find Yourself Now offers three life-transforming tools designed to create the energetic shifts required for soul-level healing. In the process, you will experience profound personal and spiritual growth.



Would you like to learn an easy and uplifting way to release stress and worry, and become the master of your emotions and your life-force energy? Qigong is a form of mindful movement that will lead you on an exploration of your “true self."

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Are you looking for a “spiritual solution” to the pain of a divorce or breakup?  Let your heart reveal itself in a safe and sacred space, where you can begin the process of healing your overwhelming emotions, and ultimately set yourself free!

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Are you facing challenges with relationships, work, finances, health, or struggling to find your life’s purpose?  Together, we’ll dig deep to uncover what’s getting in the way of you reaching your goals, smoothing the path ahead.

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