About Me


Kerrie Womersley

Hello and welcome!

I'm Kerrie and I help people discover and work with their Qi or 'life-force energy', in order to live from a place of inner power and emotional mastery.

I teach people how to transform negative emotions into positive ones, and simple techniques to align mind, heart, body and spirit.  I especially love helping highly sensitive and empathic people (like me) deal with overwhelm and anxiety and learn to ground their energy.

We all have our struggles. Even when we appear to have 'everything together' on the outside, most of us are fighting a battle of some kind on the inside!  But, as I discovered for myself, it really doesn't have to be that way. 

From an energetic point of view, it's actually quite easy to release stress and tension, and let go of stale or stuck energy that's tied to the past, so that we can live from a lighter, more joyful place.

My personal quest is to teach people how to do just that!  That's why I've studied and practiced for many years under the guidance of world-renowned Qigong Master, Lee Holden, to become a Holden Qigong Certified Teacher.  

I've also trained with the mastermind creator of Energy EFT and Positive EFT, Dr. Silvia Hartmann, and had the privilege of being mentored by the author of Conscious Uncoupling: 5 Steps to Living Happily Even After, Katherine Woodward Thomas, so that I can help people heal their broken hearts.

My belief is that life’s  'breakups’ and ‘breakdowns’ are the opportunity for our most important evolutionary ‘breakthroughs’. No matter where you are right now, it's the perfect starting point to discover more of who you are. 

And I'd love to show you how.